Heather Bien


Adam Shapiro

Our Story

How We Met

Adam and Heather defied the odds of dating in 2016 and actually met in person. Hayes Carll was playing May 20, 2016 at the Hamilton in DC. Adam went with his roommate, and Heather, not having any plans that evening, tagged along with two friends and almost left after the first few songs because she was not feeling the super, super low key country music.

Luckily she didn't, mostly because she had spotted a cute guy with dark curly hair and glasses standing at the bar. After a failed attempt to talk to him by talking to his friend (always go the circuitious route), Heather moved on, but her friend, Jen, did not.

Jen, having had a few too many cocktails, found Adam at the bar and asked him who he was texting (honestly, he was probably scrolling through Twitter) and if he had a girlfriend. He did not, so Jen motioned for Heather to come on over to the bar. After chatting for a few minutes, Adam asked for Heather's number, texted her later that evening suggesting drinks the next week, and so it all began.

How Adam Proposed

On September 16, 2017, Heather and Adam hosted a housewarming brunch at their first apartment. It was the perfect fall day full of good friends, good food, lots of stiff cocktails, and only one incident of their cat attacking a guest.

Later that afternoon, the party moved to the H Street Festival, which was going on right outside their building. As their friends started to drop off and head home, Heather and Adam went back to their apartment to get ready for a picnic concert at an outdoor venue in Virginia that evening.

Before they left, Adam got on one knee, gave his proposal spiel, waited for a few seconds, and then asked "so...yes?" Heather clarified that he hadn't actually asked her a question, fortuanately Adam recovered, asked Heather to marry him, she said yes, and here we are.